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The people have the right

Cecily McClellan

Cecily McClellan

Michigan voters repealed Public Act 4  eliminating emergency managers. Gov. Rick Snyder has not moved to remove DPS Emergency Manager Roy Roberts. Attorney General Bill Schuette has moved to remove seven DPS school board members from office. How will citizens get the power back?

Laws exist to remedy the situation. We can take it to the Supreme Court (of the United States). Municipal courts and state courts are obviously biased against us. We also have to elect good leaders in the future.

Theo Broughton

The political situation is bad, very bad. Someone said that when any form of government becomes destructive, it is the duty and obligation of the people to alter or abolish it. We’ve reached that point. The people told the government they didn’t want EMs (emergency managers). However, in the biggest city in Michigan, the EM refuses to get off his throne, playing a word game. When the mayor of Troy (Janice Daniels) was recalled she moved on the next day. We have a lawless governor. It will take the people to enforce the law.

Cecily McClellan

People should always stand up because this is the land of the free. We should stand for righteousness and justice. No matter what the climate is.

Christal Bonner


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