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Tom Barrow: Napoleon should resign

Sheriff Benny Napoleon

Sheriff Benny Napoleon

DETROIT — Tom Barrow, president of Citizens for Detroit’s Future, called on Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napoleon March 26 to immediately resign his office now that he has formally declared his candidacy for the mayor of Detroit, according to a press statement.

“The recently announced Detroit One Crime Abatement Strategy — in coordination with the Detroit Police, the FBI, ATF and State Police — demands that Sheriff Napoleon not be distracted from the priority of reducing violent crime in the city’s ‘hotspots,’” said Barrow, 64.

Citing Napoleon’s recent promises and election to serve the people of Wayne County as its Sheriff for a full four-year term, Barrow said crime in the city is on the rise and “we need all hands on deck, especially the leader of the county’s chief law enforcement department.”

Barrow says Napoleon cannot effectively remain in the sheriff’s office while running for mayor.

“He just promised every voter that he was running for sheriff, not mayor,” Barrow said. “Now, barely three months later, he is running for mayor in a hotly contested race when he has just been sworn in to his second term.”

Barrow also criticized Napoleon for “his mismanagement of the $85 million budget of the sheriff’s office, which ballooned to over $105 million last year.”

The office has had budget over-runs three years in a row, according to Barrow; meanwhile, the county has a cumulative deficit of $189 million, falling revenue and rising costs.

“Benny has a lot of cleaning up to do if he is to convince voters that he is serious about cost-cutting and administering an efficiently run government in Detroit when our city is already distressed and under the control of an emergency manager for just such abuses.”

Barrow also called on Napoleon to immediately issue an executive order directing his appointees to refrain from donating money to his mayoral campaign.

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