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UnClear Channel Communications

By Anemashaun Bomani

WDTW (1310 AM) will be off the air completely as of Dec. 31, 2012. I, like others in this area, look forward to waking up to progressive talk radio and having two stations (WDTW and 1200 AM WCHB) to express our left-of-center opinions and have them be listened to and respected.

I may be wrong, but my understanding is that WTDW is partially owned by Bain (Mitt Rmoney) Capital. Do you think that I am a conspiracy theorist? Do you think they are still mad about losing the presidential election? You have seen what the Republicans in Michigan have done.

These Republican-controlled state houses plan or attempt to take us back to the days of states rights. Minorities know what that means for them. Most of the states who have Right To Work (for less) laws have the worst economies and lower standards of living than (non-Right To Work) union states. As we have seen, first with Detroit, now the rest of Michigan, will be under a fascist dictatorship whose ultimate goal is to destroy the Democratic Party.

The Democratic Party in Michigan has got a late start, sometimes not listening to the progressives who predicted this. Persons closer to the middle of the political spectrum didn’t believe this would happen. Some people voted against their own best interest, because they hated President Obama or are upset about America changing to a fairer and more equal society with people of color having more control over their destinies. Maybe even for moral or religious reasons.

I heard a white gentlemen call into Thom Hartmann’s show (1310 AM WDTW) and say there are too many brown babies being born, referring to the possible legislation of the DREAM act.

The first African American president has awakened their deep fear of people of color getting power and upsetting white supremacy that is so ingrained in many Americans. In a grab for power and retaking of Detroit for the white elite multiple national corporations, five City Council members, along with Mayor Dave Bing, have planned the giveaway of Detroit.

By taking Tony Trupiano off the air, along with other national progressive shows, there is an attempt to dumb down Michiganders and keep us in the dark of enlightened thought.

Tony Trupiano spoke out against Mayor Bing, saying “he is a closet Republican, trying to destroy the union strength locally for the elite Republicans and billionaires.”

Clear Channel Communications has also fired Detroit Radio personality Frankie  Darcell. The reasons appear to be political. So is Clear Channel Communications (CCC) intent to silence progressive voices in Detroit? CCC is Black formatted, but not Black owned, unlike Radio/TV One. Radio personalities like Steve Harvey on CCC, who all of a sudden is a star and can do everything, give relationship advice. Clearly there is some selling out here. This is another attempt to coop the Black populous. Maybe Darcell refused to sell-out or acquiesce to the take over forces invading Detroit. Detroit must elect representatives that will stand up for Detroit and put forth ideas that will empower the Detroiters who have stuck it out through thick and thin. This is why I am running for

City Council’s “Mighty” District One: To have Council members who have a backbone. The Michigan Citizen supported me the last time I ran and I hope they will consider me this time. Incumbent James Tate will be running in that district also. Remember that he is one the current Council members that is assisting in the destruction of Detroit and its unions.

Anemashaun Bomani is a 2013 candidate for Detroit City Council, District 1.

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