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Unique style by Stef-n-Ty

Stephanie and Tyrone Dickey

By Marcus Wright
Special to the Michigan Citizen

DETROIT — Stephanie and Tyrone Dickey make beautiful cloth together. No doubt about it, Stef-n-Ty is a team. Stephanie designs and manages production. Ty is the marketing guy. Their line of clothing and hats are available online and through select locations.

The Dickeys are celebrating 20 years of partnership — in marriage and business.

Stephanie said her great grandmother taught her to sew. Ty, a vendor, said he traveled all over selling items at fashion fairs, conventions and conferences. He and Stephanie met at an event where he was vending. They then married and started a clothing line together.

“When the economy went down, people were no longer willing to pay $300 for an outfit,” Ty said, “but they would spend $60 for a hat.”

The Dickey’s said they had a line of clothing in Baltimore before moving to Detroit.

Asked why they moved to Detroit, Ty said, “People in Detroit like to dress.”

Ty said they were not unfamiliar with Detroit. They already had items in retail outlets in Detroit, like Flo’s Boutique on Canfield and Willis, Mel’s Salon and Style Gallery.

But the duo is looking to open a store of their own. They expect to do so by this fall.

“It’s all about finding the right spot. Midtown is a great location,” Ty said. “The right space is key.”

Stef-n-Ty caters to an artsy niche — educators, artists and business owners who don’t have to wear certain types of clothing, says Ty.

The clothing line is urban chic for men and women, one-of-a-kind classic pieces with a touch of the unique. He adds, Stef-n-Ty dresses people to be uniquely themselves and their clothing is never out of style.

Stephanie designs her hats for that market. “I used to wear locks and know it is sometimes difficult to get the right fit,” Stephanie said. “I began making hats with elastic in the back.”

Stephanie added there is a crossover market; people whom she would least expect to like her designs sometime purchase her hats.

Ty calls their small business a mom-and-pop business. He says he and Stephanie support local arts as a tool for creative people to “do their thing.”

Stephanie encourages people to go into business for themselves. “Make sure it is something you love doing and make sure you have the skill set required,” she said. “If you don’t have both of those you’ll end up with low interest and/or low quality.”

Stephanie cautions starting a business is not for everyone. “Everyone has to figure out what’s best for them and then do it,” Stephanie said.

Stef-n-Ty is located at 227 Iron St. Contact them at 313.405.5759 or or

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Photo Courtesy of Marcus Wright


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