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University of Kmt Press publishes three new books

University of Kmt PressDETROIT — The University of Kmt Press, an independent African publishing cooperative located in Detroit, has recently published three new books: “African Time, Vol. 1 (Universe to 1896 A.D.),” “Maat: Guiding Principles of Moral Living” and “Seba: A Researcher’s First Manual.”

“African Time,” by Dr. Ife Kilimanjaro, Dr. Tdka Kilimanjaro, Seba Yahra Aaneb and Hetchut S-senb, was written to establish a general foundational chronology of African history from the earliest organizing of the universe we live in to 1896 A.D. (7601 African Kmt Calendar).

The book focuses on: Africa’s foundational civilization (ancient African Kmt), the destruction of African civilization via the Holocaust of African Enslavement (the Maafa) and African Diaspora struggles in what became the United States.

“Maat,” by Ife Kilimanjaro, Tdka Kilimanjaro, Aaneb and Elder T’Gamba Heru, offers a compendium of ancient and modern enlightenment wisdom for personal cultivation, inner mediation and self-correction.

This text roots itself in the ancient and moral traditions of ancient African Kmt (called Egypt) while synthesizing some of the best lessons by Africans born in other times and places.

“Seba,” by Ife and Tdka Kilimanjaro, begins the elementary organization of fundamentals of research, methods and statistics — fundamentals as they are, not yet as they must be. This book for beginners points out what is being used in the field of research and briefly how to use it.

The University of Kmt Press plans to host five book signings starting in late June.

In addition, the organization has two upcoming books: “Occupation of Detroit: Color and Class Used Against People of Color” and “Methods: Fundamental Research Tools Used in African Time,” which are planned to be published in August.

The University of Kmt Press aims to advance scholarship in the natural sciences, social sciences, engineering and humanities for people needing accurate answers to the fundamental questions of life and living.

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