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Wayne County moves to one-step jury notification

DETROIT — The Third Judicial Circuit of Michigan, with jurisdiction over criminal, civil and family matters in Wayne County will change its prospective juror notification from a two-step to a one-step process this October.

“The new combination questionnaire and summons will save time for jurors and money for taxpayers, while making juries in Wayne County more efficient and reflective of the county’s diversity,” a Third Circuit Court press release states.

The new One-Step Form will include a questionnaire that can be completed online or  by using the traditional return mail process, and a summons to appear on a specific date.

The One-Step Form is the Court’s official jury questionnaire and an order of the Court to appear on a specific day for jury duty, so the juror receiving the form must both answer the questionnaire and appear on the scheduled day, the press release states.

“Our most important piece of advice for Wayne County residents who receive the new one-step jury duty form is not to throw it out in the trash like they may have done with the old questionnaire,” said Ronald R. Ruffin, the executive court administrator of the Third Judicial Circuit of Michigan. “A summons is an order from the chief judge to appear for jury service, and throwing it out could mean a court hearing, a fine and even jail.”     –Staff report

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