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WCCCD to offer variety of new program choices beginning fall semester

By David C. Butty

This fall, Wayne County Community College District (WCCCD) students, whether they are starting out or starting over, will have the opportunity to choose from a variety of new programs District-wide.

One of these new programs is Health Information Technology, which is unlikely to be profiled on your evening television news or in a televised hospital drama. This is because it is the behind-the-scenes healthcare profession – one of the fastest growing fields in the nation. Health information management professionals are sometimes referred to as the gatekeepers of critical data.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of health information management professionals is expected to grow much faster than the average and the field offers competitive salaries. Depending on a person’s educational level, salaries may range from $30,000 to $50,000.

There is a new computer delivery system in the mix of these new programs — Cloud Computing – which most believe is the future of IT delivery. Cloud-computing skills are in demand and those who are computer savvy say that the interest in this field is peaking and the industry is booming.

These two programs are among a host of new cutting-edge programs that the District is adding to its course offerings beginning this Fall. Others include artistic welding, virtual assistant, general education certificate, and mobile technology, Ruby on Rails, project management, and software engineering in partnership with major IT companies and Shifting Code.

Dr. Stephanie Bulger, WCCCD’s Vice Chancellor for Educational Affairs, said the goal is to give students an option to choose from. “We are committed to excellence and pleased to offer high quality educational programs that prepare persons for today’s and tomorrow’s jobs.  Our faculty and staff are eager to greet new and returning students to classes in the Fall term,” Dr. Bulger said.

According to the Division of Educational Affairs, the Artistic Welding courses are designed for beginners, advanced welders, and artists. The program will give students the opportunity to explore the basics of welding and sculpture. Courses will fulfill the requirements for an elective in the welding program while the Cloud Computing course will provide users with the most effective way of managing and deploying device independent and portable storage strategies to maximize mobile and desktop computing.

Students will also have the opportunity to register for a Mobile Technology course which will allow them to focus on the structure, development and deployment of mobile applications for this fast growing sector of personal and enterprise computing. A particular emphasis will be given to intra-and entrepreneurship during this course.

The District has pioneered a Software Engineer Boot-Camp in partnership with Infosys Limited of India. The initial 18-week curriculum was modeled on the successful learning strategies employed by Infosys Limited in Mysore, India. The intense 40-hour per week experience provides foundational skills for non-IT professionals and dedicated “streams” for Java and Net programming, project management and business-analysts. In collaboration with the Detroit Economic Growth Corporation, Detroit Workforce Development Department and IT in the D, the Software Engineer Boot-camp prepares talent to meet the demand for skilled talent in the growing Detroit IT sector.

Also to be in the schedule for this fall is a program known as “Shifting Code,” in partnership with the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, Workforce Intelligence Network and IT in the D (led by Compuware, Quicken, GalaXe Solutions and Marketing Associates). The WCCCD Shifting Code program provides up skilling for IT professionals in high demand technologies related to the growing IT sector in Michigan.

David C. Butty, a native of Liberia, West Africa, is executive deal for International Programs at Wayne County Community College District. The column appears monthly in the Michigan Citizen.

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