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When you move stuff in your life, you grow

Frankie DarcellBy Frankie Darcell

Every year at the beginning of spring, I used to take a lot of joy and pride in working in my yard. Gardening gives me a sense of peace and oneness with the earth.

One early morning, when I was on my knees having a great time working and meditating, I realized there was a big bush. It was a pretty bush, but it served no real purpose in the garden except being pretty and because of where it was placed, it stopped the other plants from growing. The weeds were even more annoying — a bunch of little green prods of ugly stuff throughout the garden. Then it hit me how this joy resembled life.

There was a fern in the ground next to the big pretty bush so I made a decision to remove the big bush, as pretty as it was. Removing the bush allowed the fern to blossom and grow. It’s the same thing with the man in your life. If he serves no real purpose other than looking good, get rid of him. The weeds, the little stuff that exists, they are just like the problems that pop up in your life.

You must prune those one by one so you can function properly without the distraction of the little things getting in your way.

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