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Why is it important to urge others to vote?

Immanuel Nimmons, Blair Floyd, Nacarol Faulk

It is important to vote. We can’t expect representation or respect if we don’t vote. It is difficult to make the connection between not voting and the deteriorating condition of our community but there is a direct connection. Our people fought hard to be able to exercise their right to vote. It is shameful large numbers of my peers don’t honor them by carrying on the tradition.
Immanuel Nimmons

Yes , I vote. I vote because I want life to be better for myself and others. We need to do more than vote. We need to let elected officials know when they are not representing our interest and when they are. We also need to support those who represent our interest. We need to let those who would roll over us know we are not going to take it lying down.
Blair Floyd

Voting is the first step and you can’t take the second step without taking the first step. The whole political process is important and voting is the first door you open and walk through. The next step is to be politically active. Everybody needs to be involved. What everybody has to say is important. One person, one vote—the people have the power. They need to exercise it.
Nacarol Faulk

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