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Why Warren Evans should be the next county executive

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Warren Evans

By Bishop Edgar Vann

Without a doubt, the two most important jobs in Wayne County are the mayor of Detroit and the Wayne County Executive.

The recent election of Mike Duggan as Detroit mayor has radically changed the political dynamics of the region. After nearly a decade of the state’s largest city being bogged down in scandal and profound fiscal mismanagement, there appears to be a bit of light at the end of the Motor City tunnel, as it slowly but surely begins to emerge from control of the emergency financial manager.

Now it’s time for the voters of Wayne County to decide on what kind of leadership they want for the region as a whole. After years of allegations of corruption, fiscal mismanagement and double dealing, it’s time for voters to clean house in the Wayne County Executive office too and bring in a new face.

Former Wayne County Sheriff Warren Evans seems to be the most qualified and broadly experienced candidate for the job. Given the disgust with current Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano, it might be tempting to want look for someone totally new, without government experience and without any meaningful connections to Wayne County government in particular.

Wayne County voters need to soberly reflect on their options and take advantage of this new opportunity to change the dynamics of county operations by looking to someone who has practical experience in running government and balancing budgets; a history of getting results in every job he’s held and who also has a public record of trust and respect among his peers and constituents.

Evans fits the bill perfectly. As a trained lawyer, former assistant prosecutor, Detroit police chief and Wayne County sheriff, he has proven record of effectiveness wherever he has served. During his tenure as police chief, the city’s crime rate was reduced by 27 percent and homicides by 29 percent.

Whether it was taking slumlords to court, protecting bus drivers under attack or even taking the county executive to court for raiding funds for public safety, he has been resourceful, transparent and aggressive in protecting the interests of the community.

From where I stand, Warren Evans is our best choice for Wayne County Executive.

Bishop Vann is pastor of Second Ebenezer Church in Detroit.


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