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Will Detroit’s mayoral election be stolen?

Sherry Gay-Dagnogo

Sherry Gay-Dagnogo

By Sherry Gay-Dagnogo

Watching Kevin Dietz’s report “Was Duggan Involved in EM Search?” on WDIV July 17, with the e-mail trail showing Mike Duggan’s involvement helping to select Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr — after 2.3 million people in the state of Michigan voted against an EM — I couldn’t help but wonder how will Detroiters get a fair shake during the August 6 primary.

Duggan has spared no expense launching his write-in campaign. He received carte blanche on Fox 2, whose producers allowed Duggan to sit behind the news desk for almost eight minutes explaining how to write his name on a ballot. No other Detroit candidate has been afforded that same privilege.

It’s clear: Duggan is favored by the corporate community, Gov. Snyder and his friend, State Treasurer Andy Dillon. Never in the history of Detroit has a write-in candidate received the Chamber of Commerce endorsement.

The greater concern, however, if Duggan helped to select the emergency manager, who has control over all City of Detroit departments, including the Department of Elections? How will Detroiters be protected from foul play?

While it is important for any great leader of our city to have professional relationships with the legislature, governor and federal leadership, we cannot afford to have anyone that is forwarding an anti-labor and anti-democracy agenda against our will.

This election is about more than the mayor’s race. If we turn around to hand over our city to Snyder’s friend, surely we can expect that he turn around and hand Detroit over to Snyder in 2014. Greg Bowens said it best on Mildred Gaddis July 18: “Stand your ground, Detroit!”

Detroit’s future is in your hands!

Sherry Gay-Dagnogo is an education advocate and newly-appointed board member of Detroit Public Schools.

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