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Wisdom, not guns, is the answer

Due to the rising in homicide rates in the city, many Detroiters have obtained or are considering obtaining a CCW permit. Do you think this helps or adds to the crime problem? Why?

Patrick Savage

Wisdom, knowledge and understanding is the answer to the problem. When we went to school we didn’t have guns. The pen is more powerful than the gun. As a scribe that write the law, speaks and deeds it is way more powerful than someone that is lawless with the gun.
— Pierre Irving

I am on both sides of the fence. My wife and I are in the process of getting one. It doesn’t help when the gun is in the wrong hands of a person who cannot govern him or herself. Some people abuse their democratic freedom.
— Jeff Thomas

I think it’s neither. I think it’s the citizen’s right. It’s in the Constitution to bear arms. I don’t think it helps and I don’t think it hurts.
— Patrick Savage



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