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You are not here by accident

By Frankie Darcell

God created you to be unique and to be who you are, to be different from any other person — that’s what makes you amazing and incredible. The problem is when you try to be somebody else that you don’t like that, quite frankly, does not change the opinions of people that don’t like you.

Everything that you are experiencing in your life right now is an opportunity to learn and grow from that experience. I believe that a road map is crafted for our lives long before we’re born that shapes our destiny; however, if we choose to be lazy and not do the work to live out our greatness, it is our fault.

Some of the greatest ideas in the world went to the grave with people who decided not to act on their greatness, ideas, thoughts and creativity. Live your purpose, discover what passions drive you and you’ll never have regret that you lived for you and that God was your foundation for that. Pray often that you want to live the life God would have you to live.

Look at where you are right now, meditate on where you want to be and I’m confident that God will assist you in accomplishing your heart’s desire. We must be clear, however, that there is a difference in what we want and what we deserve.

Imagine if God answered all of our prayers. When we sometimes don’t get what we prayed for, many times we will say, “God hasn’t answered my prayer.” Well, think about it this way: maybe the fact you didn’t get it means God’s answer was no.

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