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You need nourishment for the soul

By Frankie Darcell

We spend so much time taking care of everything and everybody around us. Well, it’s time to take care of the most important person in your life: You. Start filling your life with joy, happiness, prosperity and financial freedoms beyond your wildest dreams. As you feed all of the needs in your life, you have to nourish your soul as well. When you’re sick, the doctor will prescribe medication for your illness; we take it to feel better, and it works.

We follow the doctor’s orders to heal our bodies. It is equally important to heal our mind, body and soul. Wake up in the morning by starting your day with a powerful word of encouragement, to set the tempo for how you want to feel as you set yourself up for greatness. Meditate on an affirmation that gives you strength and confidence to deal with all of the obstacles that are guaranteed to be waiting on you unexpectedly, but if you arm yourself properly you will be ready to emotionally and spiritually fight for your piece of mind and remain calm while doing it.

So, take the Pocket Book Meditations with you, search though the pages from time just because; keep them nearby for emotional, guarded grace. When you change your attitude by changing the way you feel about yourself, you’re standing firm on your standards, character and the respect you show for yourself. Others around you will take notice and respond accordingly. Watch how the people and space around you will change.

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