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Your actions speak louder

Frankie Darcell

Frankie Darcell

By Frankie Darcell

There are people who, when they open their mouth, will promise you the world, but then deliver nothing. Your actions speak volumes to your real intent. If someone says they love you, they wouldn’t disrespect you, curse you, cheat or lie to you. If a person says they are trustworthy, they wouldn’t create situations of distrust. If a person says they believe in you, they will support your dreams. If a person says they’ve “got you,” they will support in times of triumph and tragedy. If a man says he’s a good man, he will treat you like a respected woman. If he says he’s a good father, it will show when he’s with his children If a woman says she’s a good sister, she will respect and honor her man. Your actions should speak so loud that I cannot hear what you are saying.


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